Terms & Conditions

Services included in your basic fee – Your fees cover a 24 hour service 7 days a week provided by our staff. Included in this is personal care and nursing support, accommodation ,  all meals, snacks and beverages available on the menu, personal laundry, linen and towels. Activities and some outside visits to places of interest

Additional services

Chiropody  –   We have a visiting private chiropodist who visits 6 weekly. Current fees are £11.00

Dentistry – You may retain your own dentist or we will access emergency NHS dentistry.  All costs incurred are the responsibility of the resident.

Optician – We have a visiting optician service. All costs incurred are the responsibility of the resident.

Hairdressing- A qualified  hairdresser  visits  every week. Charges vary and are available in our brochure pack

Toiletries – All residents are encouraged to provide their own toiletries, however if you choose we will supply items and this will be invoiced.

Outside visits- Costs of visits vary and consent will be obtained before any visit.

Escorts to Doctors & hospital appointments — We recommend that where possible relatives arrange to accompany you to non emergency appointments. If this is not possible we will provide transport and staff .  This will be charged to the you and incorporate the transport and staff wage costs.

Telephone calls – There is a pay phone available for the use of residents or you can choose to arrange for a private phone line to be fitted in your room.  The bill for supply and calls would be the responsibility of the resident

Laundry – Laundry facilities are on site. Please make sure all items are clearly marked or labelled.  All clothes must be machine washable and colourfast.  We do not accept responsibility for any items that are not and would advise you not to bring them into the home.

Continence-  For those residents who have been assessed as requiring incontinence products the local CCG pay a weekly fee to the home towards the  provision of standard incontinence products. If you wish for alternative products you may be asked to pay any additional costs.

Personal Belongings-  You are welcome to bring in your own  personal items.  We do advise that no items of value or that are irreplaceable are brought into the home. Residents personal property is insured up to £1500 per resident with an excess. Insurance does not cover jewellery & other similar small items as they are so easily mislaid.

Money-  you do not require much personal money. We therefore suggest you discuss this with the management team or nurses.

Medication- Whilst living at the Home we will arrange for your medication to be ordered and delivered to the Home. Medication is administered by our qualified nursing staff. You may choose to self medicate and this will be accommodated if you have the capacity to do so safely.

Doctors- You may choose to retain your own GP if the GP is agreeable. If not then the Home will arrange for you to be registered with an alternative GP.

Diet/  food –  Our on site kitchen staff provide all food and beverages.  This is of a high nutritional standard and choices of menu are available daily. Special diets are catered for, Alcohol is not normally provided & you should seek advice from nursing staff.

Pets – We recognise that for some people pets have been an integral part of their lives. A decision to allow a pet to accompany a resident who is admitted to the Home will be made on a case by case basis and not impact on other residents who may not appreciate the pet.

Fees –  are payable 4 weeks in advance by cash, cheque or standing order.

We  recognises that the issue of funding can be very complicated for many people.

A contribution towards incontinence costs where appropriate,  is made by the CCG to the Home which forms part of the fee.  This is retained by the Home in all cases to cover part of the higher costs incurred in providing standard incontinence products.  If a non-standard incontinence product is selected by residents or relatives, the Home reserves the right to discuss additional payments.

If a resident has chosen to stay at the nursing home without the benefit of a nursing assessment the gross fee payable by them  will be the personal and hotel costs plus the registered nursing care contribution and any incontinence costs.

If a resident has been assessed as requiring Continuing Healthcare funding, the whole fee will be paid by the relevant Clinical Commissioning Group. These are individual tailored care packages and fees vary depending on the care needs of the individual resident. This excludes any extras such as toiletries which are listed on the Additional Charges List.

Registration – The Home is registered by the Care Quality Commission as a nursing home providing care for the following categories:

Accommadation for persons requiring nursing care

Treatment  of disease, disorder or injury

Diagnostic  and diagnostic procedures